Nocturne would not be what it is without the passion, creativity, and genius of Halifax’s artists. The majority of individual artists participate in Nocturne: Art at Night by applying to have a work or concept selected as a Beacon Project. The projects are selected through a juried process and the artists are funded by Nocturne following CARFAC guidelines. The call for applications goes out in the spring after a curator and theme have been selected.

Every year the city of Halifax partners with Nocturne and that year’s curator to bring art and artists to create fixed points for the evening. These projects echo the year's theme and create gathering spots to which to explore the festival from.

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Galleries and Community Groups

The magic of Nocturne is in part created by various participating galleries and community groups who put the festival in their programming, year after year. Galleries and Community groups are selected through a juried process. An application is required for consideration to be an official Nocturne: Art at Night event. No funding is provided for these projects. 

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Have a space? Want to see it transformed into something fantastical and amazing? Every year Nocturne looks for potential venues to share with artists and to help shape the work and festival. We do need some vital information from you and an application form.

For for information about being a venue, please contact our coordinator -


There are also lots of fun ways you can celebrate our 9th year and (and help future Nocturnes achieve more sustainable funding):

Nocturne is run primarily on volunteers, from board members, committees, juries, to helpers for the night of! The festival would not be possible without the dedication of its volunteers.

Interested in getting involved as a volunteer? Please contact our Volunteer Director, Yeha - or sign up here

Crowd Count Brigade (around 8 & 10pm) – Use the hashtag #NocCrowdCount to tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook the number of people you see around you (count as far as you can see!), along with the intersection or location you’re at. We’ll assemble the information to get a better idea of how many people are at Nocturne 2017. #NocCrowdCount

Share Your Words, Photos, and Videos – Tag your social media posts with #NocHfx17 (and you can also tag any exhibit numbers, e.g. #63), and engage with our Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts! #NocHfx17