Festival Policies

Safer Spaces Statement

Nocturne is dedicated to providing safer spaces. Our aim is to: host spaces that are widely accessible, amplify marginalized voices and leadership, and actively prioritize anti oppressive principles. Our organizational goal is to provide inclusive events free from harassment and discrimination.

In all Nocturne spaces we will treat each other with respect and dignity and will not tolerate any discrimination or violence. This expectation includes but is not limited to: racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, sexualized violence, and all acts of violence and harassment. Building spaces that care for our various communities is deeply important to us and we take these safety measures very seriously.

For any questions on this statement, please contact:

Lindsay Ann Cory
Executive Director, Nocturne: Art at Night
[email protected]
Phone: 902-456-6627


Gabriel Soligo
Chair, Nocturne: Art at Night
[email protected]

Other community supports include:

- South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre (902) 494 2423 or southhousehalifax.ca
- Avalon Sexual Assault Centre (902) 422-4240 or avaloncentre.ca