FAQ for Volunteers

Q: How many hours can I volunteer?

    A: We suggest three-hour shifts on the night of Nocturne. This is to ensure that you can experience the festival too. If you want to do more, let us know. There are also opportunities to volunteer the day before or after the festival if this date does not work.

    Q: What is the schedule for volunteer shifts during the festival?

      A: On the date of Nocturne (October 19, 2019) the shifts are:

      • 3pm - 6pm (set up or The Hub);
      • 5pm - 8pm
      • 7pm - 10pm
      • 9pm - 12am
      • 11pm - 1am (tear down).

      Q: What does my shift look like as a volunteer?

        A: Each shift looks a little different but they all start and end the same way. You begin your shift by coming to The Hub (location TBD) unless you are volunteering in Dartmouth. You are expected to get yourself from The Hub to your volunteer location. You do not need to come back to the Hub after you are finished your shift.

        Q:What should I wear and bring?

          A: Dress for the weather! Make sure to dress in layers - in the past, we have also worn hats, mittens and/or rain jackets. You are also expected to wear your Nocturne swag during your shift. Included is a tote so you can bring a water bottle or anything else you need. You can keep it after - it is our gift to you.

          Q: Can I bring my friend?

            A: We encourage you to bring friends and volunteer together!

            Q: Is there training for volunteers?

              A: Yes! There are multiple information sessions before the festival. These will be announced on our volunteer Facebook page and via email.

              Q: I want to volunteer but I don’t have an art background.

                A: An interest in your community is the most important part - no art background is necessary and we will give you the information you need!

                Q: What is expected of me?

                  A: We expect enthusiasm, engagement and for you to show up on time and stay for the full shift. Volunteers are what makes Nocturne possible and crucial for artists’ projects.

                  Q: What is the Volunteer Hub?

                    A: The Volunteer Hub is the home base for volunteers to sign in pre-shift, get information, get your swag bag and fuel up on snacks.

                    Q: I want to volunteer but I am not available during the festival. Can I still volunteer?

                      A: Yes! Email us at [email protected] to find out.

                      Q: Can I volunteer at a specific location? Can I request location?

                        A: Yes!

                        Q: Where do I sign up?

                        A: APPLY HERE


                        Ask more questions and stay up to date by joining Nocturne Volunteer Facebook Group