Musician Jacques Mindreau Photo by Paul Mc Neill

Jacques Mindreau

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Jacques Mindreau

Jacques is creating content for the world through performance, recording and multi disciplinary avenues. He currently is working with the critically acclaimed 2B Theatre company and has composed music in collaboration with sound designer Aaron Collier for the play "One Discordant Violin" (auth; Yann Martel, adapted by; Anthony Black) which was recently selected to be part of the Live Lit festival in Mumbai, India, and will be show cased off Broadway in New York City this November. His past achievements have included creating music for the feature documentary "Modified" a film that deals with the issues surrounding GMOs influence and impacts on agriculture and society. He has also collaborated with the internationally respected Flamenco artist Maria Osende on multiple occasions.

Jacques continues to expand his avenues and continues to play music with Halifax gem "Krasnogorsk" and the west coast darling "OQO". His current project "Electro Jacques Therapy" explores the creation of full lush music that is meant to soothe the soul. Combining Operatic vocals, string loops, hair raising falsetto, and a haunting violin that send chills through the spine, EJT is a project that is moving forward with a natural force like the very influence where it stems from, deep in the springs of the forests in Cape Breton where he makes his home. Jacques is currently amidst the recording of his first full length Electro Jacques Therapy album which is slated to be released in the next year. Part of his project include visual collaborations with Paul McNeill. Together they are creating a series of 360 location based music videos which take the audience from Piazza San Marco in Italy to the Island of Naxos in Greece and back to the cliffs of Cape Breton.

Jacques likes to expand his horizons by collaborating with the locals in his community too. He started the very well known Agricola Street Open Mic which has gathered 1000s of artist Monday after Monday including Juno winners and hidden gems for the past 11 years. He also is the cofounder of the annual "Margaree Harvest Festival" which is in its 4th installment.

Jacques, began his music in Peru, his native home. Having been influenced by his grand father who played the Violin Jacques decided from a young age to pursue music and his parents enrolled him in music lessons at the age of 10 after they immigrated to Toronto. Joining the RCM music program let Jacques have the foundational fundamentals needed to play such an instrument, but the rebellious musicality of Jacques intrinsically drew him into breaking rules and so he spent the last 12 years doing just that.

Jacques is honoured to make Nova Scotia and Halifax, Chebuctuc, his home. He has recently been asked to be the first Solo artist in residence at the Maritime Conservatory in the coming year. Jacques lives between travelling, Halifax, and Cape Breton, where he draws most of his inspiration.