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Nick Nguyen

Nguyen started formally practicing the dance in 2009 despite having taken classes with Halifax Dance, recreationally in 2008. In 2009 Nguyen started practicing with follow dancers [generally referred to as Breakers] under the Class Is In Session programming organized by Concrete Roots productions. Following the quick immersion into the emerging Breaking Community, Nguyen started shadowing his instructors with Concrete Roots and Halifax Dance in the following years, taking over as a Jr. Instructor with Concrete Roots in 2010. By 2017 Nguyen had been the instructor for several Concrete Roots and community classes, as well as currently being the instructor for Breaking at Halifax Dance, MCPA, Dalhousie Breaking Society, and Dance Nova Scotia’s Public BreakSpace Drop In workshops.

Nguyen has a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion, a preventative Health Science that aims to comprehensively approach Health and social justice, which are inherently intertwined. The intersectionality of Health Promotion aligns with the complex HipHop history that gave rise to Breaking, as well as MCing, DJing, and Graff Writing. Through the diverse knowledge bases, Nguyen has been able to provide a comprehensive Breaking lesson plan that aims to understand and appreciate all aspects of HipHop, while no way condoning any illicit activities associated with HipHop’s rougher history with systemic oppression. The study of HipHop has comprised of workshops and discussion with prominent Breaking and HipHop figureheads, including Bhudda from Candian Floor Masters, Poe1, Dyzee from SuperNaturalz, Menno from HustleKidz, and Domkey from LoZ. The element of listening and learning from community champions is parallelled in HipHop and Health Promotion, as champions are recognized to be substantial sources of knowledge in both fields respectively.

Nguyen teaches Breaking due to his passion for the art as well as the passion for the rich and resilient nature of the dance. In addition to teaching, Nguyen competes at competitions- generally referred to as Jams, as the main priority is to celebrate the art form and dance. Nguyen has competed in several provinces, from WhiteHorse, Yukon, to his home city of Halifax, NS, where he won his first competition, Roast The Coast, in 2012.

Nguyen hopes to grow and build the Breaking Community into a Hiphop community that truly rides on HipHops more resilient and positive elements while also acknowledging the heavy past that led to its creation. Nguyen hopes that such a prominent Breaking community may also help shed light on stigmatized and divisive issues, and that the said community might eventually create a unity for which HipHop has always strived to achieve.