2022 Festival Announcement

Melany Nugent-Noble
Posted on August 27th, 2022
by Melany Nugent-Noble

Here we go!

Nocturne 2022: LEGACIES is coming from October 13-15. This is the 15th anniversary of the festival, and we can’t wait to share more about the talented artists that will be showcasing their work across Kjipuktuk/Halifax. Mark your calendar 📅! Artists, project line ups, and the full schedule are coming soon. Thank you @spinkini for the festival branding and design concept this year to celebrate #nochfx22

“LEGACIES is an invitation for all to explore their interpersonal and environmental surroundings. It is an invitation to slow down with what is present and sit with all that got us here, so we can move towards compassionate futures and communities embedded in mutual care. It is an invitation to discover other ways of being and seeing. It is an invitation for us all to recognize the roles we play in creating, participating and upholding culture.” - @yeeyayyes and @lux.sparkledust

[id: The first slide is an abstract graphic that features the shadow of two windows with a soft, ambient combination of bright yellow, orange, pastel pink, and midnight blue. The text reads KJIPUKTUK/HALIFAX, NOCTURNE, LEGACIES CURATED BY STEPHANIE YEE & LUX HABRICH, OCTOBER 13-15 accompanied by N°15 and PRESENTED BY RBC.