HOW WE BUILD: On Craft and Blackness

Posted on October 13th, 2019
by Nocturne

Every year we are excited to learn more from our artists and artists in our community. As part of the festival we have partnered with Visual Arts News and MSVU Art Gallery to bring you a Friday night panel discussion: How we Build: On Craft and Blackness

This panel discussion will feature four Black artists discussing craft and collaboration. Juanita Peters, Letitia Fraser, NAT chantel*, and Sobaz Benjamin. Facilitated by Francesca Ekwuyasi

*Visit NAT chantel's Nocturne project on Saturday October 19
The Silence and Sound After
located at All Saints Cathedral (1330 Cathedral Ln)

Based on curator Pamela Edmond's quote "I am no longer interested in a seat at the table. I now want to build my own table" this panel will focus on the concept of Black artists creating work for a Black audience.

With the purpose of illuminating ideas on intergenerational knowledge and craft sharing as a means of fostering solidarity and resistance within and between the various Black communities in Nova Scotia, this panel will engage in ideas on locating pleasure, joy, and celebration as a survival tool while navigating structural oppression.

Friday, October 18, 7 - 9pm
Art Bar + Projects (1873 Granville St)

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Refreshments will be served and all are welcome.