Black Art at Night: Andre Fenton

I'thandi Munro
Posted on February 22nd, 2021
by I'thandi Munro

It's me, I'thandi and I'm back for more Black celebration! Focusing on great achievements for Black Nova Scotia, Andre Fenton is quickly rising on a national level.

Fenton is an African Nova Scotian award winning-author. His work includes writing, poetry, spoken word, education, filmmaking and performance. His work represents ideologies around race and self esteem. Fenton creates a genre of fictional narratives for young adults that have been underrepresented. He has performed at many festivals and poetry slams all across Canada, he is on the board of the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia, A member of SPOCAN (Spoken Word Canada), an author of three novels, Ode to Teen Angst (self-published), Worthy of Love, published by FORMAC in 2018 and was his first award-winning debut novel, and ANNAKA published by Nimbus. He is now currently working on a fourth novel.

During Nocturne 2019: Scaffold, curated by Tori Flemming Fenton's work was commissioned and published in the Nocturne guide. His poem Supernova was quite impactful and resonated with our communities. Some words hold immense power, let's remember them here:

Supernova by Andre Fenton published in the 2019 Nocturne festival guide
Books by Andre Fenton (available through Bookmark Halifax)
Books by Andre Fenton (available through Bookmark Halifax)

You can find Andre on Instagram at @andrefentonauthor and on Twitter at @AndreFenton95

Header Image: Photo by Dylan Chew (The Coast, "Angst for the memories", Stephanie Johns)