Call for Expression of Interest for Community Groups: Waterfront Chalets

Signy Holm
Posted on April 19th, 2024
by Signy Holm

Nocturne and Build Nova Scotia would like to invite Kjipuktuk/Halifax-based Community Groups to submit an Expression of Interest to use one of eight Waterfront Chalets during Nocturne and to be part of our signature night-time art experience taking place Saturday, October 19, 2024 from 6pm-midnight.

Applicants should know that participation in Nocturne is not automatic, solely based on meeting the general eligibility requirements.

Please Note: Nocturne does not provide funding to participating Community Groups. These should be self-funded projects.

Applicants should outline in their letter the project details and how they would use a chalet during Nocturne.

DEADLINE: August 1, 2024

About the Space

Located at the Foundation Wharf on the Halifax Waterfront, each chalet is 2.87m x 2.24m and features a service window on the front.

Anything affixed to the interior or exterior of the chalets must be done without penetrating the walls or framing of the chalet and instead must be done using products such as 3M Command Strips. Power may be able to be provided depending on the needs of the proposed project. Please outline the power requirements in your application.

Photo by Kevin Prinoski

Please see the FAQ section below for examples of suitable project proposals for this call"


How will projects be evaluated?

All applications will be reviewed and selected based on:

Merit, Presentation, Originality: Is your project high-quality, original, and reflects the scale and spirit of Nocturne?

Feasibility: Do you provide details about the production and technical requirements and how you plan to meet those requirements?

Accessibility: How is your project accessible to diverse audiences and equity-seeking groups?

Safety: All projects are reviewed for safety requirements as they are included under our liability insurance.

What type of groups are eligible to participate?

COMMUNITY GROUPS: For-profit and non-profit community and cultural organizations, businesses (retail), and other cultural, educational, and historical institutions that do not meet the definition of a gallery but will participate by coordinating their own Nocturne arts event or activity with the participation of artists or members of the arts community, but that may not have a permanent space or location within any of the festival zones.

LOCAL BUSINESS: If you are a local business or for-profit group that does not fit the community group category, but wishes to participate in Nocturne: Art at Night, please contact us at [email protected] for further information.

Please note that using chalets intends to showcase projects and that Nocturne is a free event. Projects that will be selling products or services are not eligible to participate.

Photo by Kevin Prinoski

What are some examples of project proposals for this call?

ART INSTALLATIONS: Chalets may be used to install artwork. Installations can be view-only displays or immersive (where the public can interact with the work).

PERFORMANCE: Proposals may also include live performances from individuals or groups. Please note that performance-based proposals must not interfere with surrounding Chalet projects.

INFORMATION AND OUTREACH: Groups and organizations may also use the Chalets as an opportunity to share their work within the community and inform visitors about upcoming opportunities. Promotional materials such as posters, brochures, and free branded merchandise may also be handed out.

Is there anything else I should know?

Nocturne encourages Community Groups and galleries to work collaboratively with an artist(s) or members of an arts organization. If working with an artist, Nocturne also encourages fair financial compensation to any artist(s) involved with creating or collaborating on a project for a Community Group or Gallery.

Nocturne is dedicated to providing safer spaces. We aim to host spaces that are widely accessible, amplify marginalized voices and leadership, and actively prioritize anti-oppressive principles. Our organizational goal is to provide inclusive events free from harassment and discrimination.

Selected applicants must agree to adhere to Nocturne's Policies and Code of Conduct.

How do I apply?

Please send a Letter of Expression of Interest to [email protected] and [email protected]. Please include all relevant details about your proposal.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: August 1, 2024

Photo by Kevin Prinoski

For more information about the chalets, please visit:

This call is supported by Build Nova Scotia and Powered by Star Power Atlantic.