Countdown to Nocturne 2015!

Lindsay Ann Cory
Posted on October 12th, 2015
by Lindsay Ann Cory

Thanksgiving Monday, while everyone is hopefully taking in one of the last nice days, the team at Nocturne are preparing for the big night just a few days away! This year our guide is released for pdf and mobile device. It can be accessed by going to our guide page. The guide features information about all the projects for this year, as well as some top 5 lists, and a map to get you around! Transit 360 will incorporate the Nocturne bus route into their application! There are so many amazing projects to discuss, the ferris wheel on Citadel Hill by Anna Sprague (#Project #300), or the Cat Room by Haley Kerr and Rich Aucoin (Project #125). Be sure to follow us on our social networks - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Check back here often too for artist features, top 5 lists, and more! The countdown has begun!

One of Nocturne's new Sponsors decided to get into the fun this year! The Printing House partnered up with artist photographer Jason Skinner to bring Friend to Friend (Project #123) to the festival this year! An interactive scavenger hunt for other Nocturne goers!

Utilizing the facilities of The Printing House on Barrington Street, participants will initially be faced with a wall of blocked out windows, except for a lit face-sized opening at one end. Pointed out from the interior of the face-sized opening is a digital camera connected to a computer. Located near the opening in the blocked out wall, on the exterior is a disclaimer announcing that by looking in the opening the participant’s photograph will be taken, printed and handed out to another participant, whom they may or may not know, at a yet-to-be-determined time during Nocturne.

The printouts will be formatted in an easy to handle, 3” x 6” size and include a description of the purpose of the photograph along with the social media hashtag “#friendfoundnocturne”. The printouts will be compiled periodically throughout the night and distributed by a volunteer at the main entrance of the building, also facing Barrington street, to event attendees walking past.

The entire experience will take place on the street as participants pass by. The participants who are given the printed cards of other participant’s faces are then presented with the challenge of finding the person whose card they now possess. Should they come across the photographed participant, they can share the experience of meeting a new “friend” on social media using the hashtag.

Anchor Artist Project - HalifaxNew presents /LiveStream #301

Aerial Cinema explores the interplay between live video feeds and architecture in the public realm, enabling access to Nova Scotia based artists, of all disciplines, through generating both local and global access opportunities. Three pods sit in a cluster, each hosting a live video feed from different nocturne sites. Leaning back and looking towards the sky one experiences another place in the city.
A headset inside the pod adds a musical score deepening the connection between what is lost and what it found in the live encounter. Above the cluster, a suspended camera looks down and captures all three projected live video feeds at once, displaying them in an aerial composition on the internet at Click on a screen and you will be taken to the channel broadcasting live. Developed in collaboration between Passage Studio ( and XOSECRET.

Beacon Artist Project - Lisa Lipton presents HOOP DREAMS #305

HOOP DREAMS is multi-disciplinary performance and installation that investigates the potential for building narrative, sound and rhythmic conversations informed by athleticism, the game of basketball and the act of drumming. The event will invite audiences into a local basketball court to witness an alternative event that will demonstrate how a gymnasium and baller techniques can become the anchoring point for choreographed performance and musical composition between drummers, basketball players and a cast of local High School wannabes. The project is based in community engagement and social relations, and aims to activate collaboration between various artists, musicians and athletes within the city of Halifax. In HOOP DREAMS,the game being played revolves around the rhythm of rivalries, each player contributing to both the reality and fiction of a localized championship. Here, basketball players turn musicians, basketballs and drums become their instruments, and dribbling; in turn, inspiring the beat for performative action.

The narrative will employ various traditional elements in basketball, as well as challenge new territory by transitioning drummers onto the team, those in defense of keeping time and rhythm. The scope of music, sound and action will travel beyond the perimeters of the basketball court in order to challenge the imaginary line that divides an audience from the stage of action. The goal is to strategically place and displace movement and sound within the basketball arena, create a sound immersive space and advocate audience interaction.

HOOP DREAMS will be devised into 3 performance // games on the night of Nocturne, a basketball tournament held between 3 teams from Chapter VI – “Greysville” within Lisa Lipton’s feature film project – THE IMPOSSIBLE BLUE ROSE. During the tournament you will encounter Greysville’s BAYSIDE JAGUARS, in a match to defend their current title against competitors - DEEP CHAOS & the VALLEY WOLVES. HOOP DREAMS will describe a heated moment within the project’s narrative, a time and place where tensions run high, while perceptions for taking the win become disrupted through the display of unconventional musicality.

- Who will take this year’s title? -