The Daily Noc: Monday

Posted on October 12th, 2020
by Nocturne

Pjila’si and welcome to Nocturne 2020

We’re excited to bring you into the world we have created with the artistic leadership of this year’s festival curator Lindsay Dobbin.

Our theme - Echolocation - is about connection, relationships, the environment, and community and we have LOTS going on throughout the week! Each morning we will bring you The Daily Noc, a new series to tell you about what’s happening that day.

To open the festival from sunrise to sunset we want to highlight three Anchor projects by Mi'kmaq artists, including Michelle Sylliboy, Shalan Joudry in collaboration with Lukas Pearse, & Mike MacDonald.

All three of these projects are available to view in-person throughout the week. But, don't delay! Get out to kick-off your Nocturne experience starting Monday, October 12th until Saturday, October 17th.