Get the Most Out of The Nocturne Guide

Posted on October 16th, 2019
by Nocturne

10 Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of The Nocturne Guide

The Guide is your one-stop-shop for everything Nocturne - and it's released on Wednesday, October 17th in The Coast or available online HERE! We're breaking down The Guide below so you can get the most out of it before, during, and after the festival:

1. Important Information Pages

Don't skip this section - it really does contain important information! First off, you'll get an introduction to this year's festival with messages from familiar faces like our Executive Director, Lindsay Ann Cory, and our 2019 Curator, Tori Fleming. You'll also find information about The Hub, this year's festival theme (SCAFFOLD), how to recognize a volunteer, and where to buy the Nocturne T-shirt and Propeller Nocturne Black IPA. There's even a handy Table of Contents to help you navigate the rest of The Guide.

2. Stay Connected

The Important Information section highlights the best way to get information about Nocturne during the festival - by following us on social media! Follow us @NocturneHalifax on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, make sure your post notifications are turned on, and use our official Nocturne hashtag #NocHfx19. We will be sharing your content, as well as our own suggestions, throughout the night so make sure you tag us in anything you post. Our social media team will keep you informed of any changes to project locations, schedules, and more on our channels. We will also be posting Live on Facebook and Instagram in both English & French throughout the night and across the city - tune in anytime to see what we get up to!

3. Project Listings

There's lots of information included in each of our project listings. And this year there's over 80 projects, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with the details jam-packed into each one! Below we've dived even further into the details included in project listings.

4. Project Categories

Our projects are broken down into three main categories:

ANCHOR PROJECTS - these projects are selected by our curator and relate directly to the theme. These projects are large in scale and are located throughout each of the festival zones.

BEACON PROJECTS - these projects are artist-led works in public or publicly accessible spaces throughout the festival zones. They are facilitated through the Nocturne Programming Committee and selected by a jury.

SPOTLIGHT PROJECTS - Specially chosen by Nocturne’s organizers, these projects are non-juried but respond specifically to the experience of the festival and our curatorial theme.

5. Community Groups & Galleries

Image: Kylee Nunn Photography

We have to call out all of the amazing Community Groups and Galleries that participate in Nocturne every year; these two additional project categories include everything from public and commercial galleries, artist-run centres, artist cooperatives, university galleries, and museums to not-for-profits, cultural organizations, and educational/historical institutions. Give them some love on the night of Nocturne!

6. Project Tags

We've labelled each of our projects with one or more tags that help describe what you'll experience when you visit a project. These tags can also help you decide if the project is one you'll enjoy. Looking for family friendly projects? Or want to hit up all the projects that let you take a souvenir home with you? Well, you're in luck - just follow the tags!

2019 Tags:

- Moving Images
- Still Images
- Lit Up
- Screen Art
- Sculpture/3D
- Audio
- Performance
- Audience Interaction
- Family Friendly
- Take Away
- Architecture/Urban Planning

7. Map

The festival map is full of fun - Ferryoke, Nocturne Shuttle Bus routes, where to find Nocturne Black IPA... oh, and the locations of all of our projects! Use the project # and zone # from the listing in The Guide to help you find the exact location on the map. Plan your route strategically so you can hit up all of your top picks for the night!

8. Collectible Poster

This year, unfold the centre page and you'll find our first ever collectible poster right inside The Guide. Featured on the poster is "Supernova" - a poem about the wonderful, magical experience of Nocturne, brought to you by Andre Fenton. An award-winning spoken word artist & filmmaker, Fenton has represented Halifax at seven national poetry slams across Canada. Frame it, hang it, Instagram it - we hope you love it as much as do!

9. Pull Out the Centre-Fold

You heard us right! Once you've made your list of must-see projects and nailed down your route, pull out the centre-fold and take the map & collectible poster with you on the night of Nocturne - it has all of the information you need to find your way!

10. Use the Interactive Guide

In addition to the centre-fold, The Interactive Nocturne Guide will help you stay on track during the night of Nocturne. Pin it to your smartphone home screen and refer to it throughout the night. Exclusive features will help you plan your night: create and save a personalized list of projects, view a geolocated map, and easily share your experience on social media!

The printed Nocturne Guide will be available in The Coast, Halifax's Weekly issue released on Thursday, October 17th at newsstands near you. Not into the printed version? Check us out online at

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Have other tips on how to use The Nocturne Guide? We'd love to hear them! Tag us on social media @nocturnehalifax #NocHfx19 or email us at [email protected]