Introducing the 2022 Limited Nocturne Propeller Black IPA!

Melany Nugent-Noble
Posted on October 1st, 2022
by Melany Nugent-Noble

Did you know that each year Propeller produces a limited edition brew to help us celebrate?

The Nocturne Black IPA is dry hopped with Amarillo and Falconer’s Flight, producing complex tropical fruit and pine hop aromas. A malty backbone gives this beer it’s deep, rich colour and flavours of dark chocolate and hints of coffee. The result is a strong, balanced brew with a dry roasted malt finish.

Propeller Brewing is proud to support Nocturne: Art At Night. Each year, Nocturne brings art and energy to the streets of Kijipuktuk/Halifax and into our lives (for free). Their efforts are part of what makes us proud to call this place our home. As a show of support for what they do, profits from Nocturne Black IPA are donated directly to the festival. So buy more beer - and help bring art to everyone!

Available at Propeller on Gottingen, Quinpool, Windmill, or online! A portion of the proceeds of each beer sold goes towards supporting Nocturne.

2022 can design by @Aglennco

Propeller Brewing Nocturne
A single can of beer with a black label.