ISO New Board Members

Posted on March 31st, 2020
by Nocturne

Got time? Love artists? Looking for ways to get involved?

While we continue to receive updates every day on the developing COVID-19 global pandemic we are still here, still working away to bring you Nocturne 2020 in a way that is safe for all. More than ever we need ways we can come together and while it may not be safe right now to gather in the ways we traditionally have for Nocturne and other large events like ours, we are looking to the future when it may be again and also looking to find new ways of safely bringing art and wonder to the streets of K'jipuktuk/Halifax year-round.

That said, you may be finding yourself with some time on your hands and looking for a new project to take on. Being on the Board of Directors for an arts organization is a very rewarding position and now, more than ever, an important one both to bring us together and to support artists and their work.

Right now we are looking for a new Programming Director. This volunteer role, alongside the Executive Director and Programming Committee, is responsible for–you guessed it–the programming of the festival. The Programming Director will lead the committee and subsequent jury through the selection process for this year as well as being responsible for fulfilling our mandate to provide professional opportunities for artists through our organization.

While each board position has different responsibilities, as a member of the board of directors, the duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Attendance of monthly evening board meetings and committee meetings (for this role you would be chairing the Programming Committee meetings)
  • Meet and liaise with community partners and sponsors
  • Contribute to both short-term and long-term strategic planning
  • General support in the management of the event and organization, including acting as a resource for board members, committee members and other volunteers as needed
  • Undergo additional training, when available to further develop your role
  • Help form policies and procedures for the ongoing betterment and growth of the festival and our organization
  • Time commitment varies but is approximately 10-15 hrs required per month with less in the winter months and slightly more in the months prior to the event

To apply, please send along your resume to our Executive Director, Lindsay Ann Cory [email protected]

We are also currently looking for a Fundraising Director - read more here. If you are interested in this position please reach out as well!