JOB OPPORTUNITY: Festival Communications Assistant

Posted on August 13th, 2018
by Nocturne

It takes a a lot of really awesome people to make Nocturne happen! We are seeking a Communications Assistant to join our team and to help us get the word out during the lead up of the festival!

As Communications Assistant, you will:

  • manage communications over social networks (via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) as well as our website and blog with minimal supervision.
  • track media mentions and testimonial-type comments from the community throughout the lead-up to the festival as well as the night of the event.
  • be responsible for the Nocturne info email account
  • curating interviews with local news media and planning basic PR for the festival leading up to the event.
  • be the point person for information requests from the online community and interact in a timely, professional, and informative manner.
  • disseminate any emergency messages in accordance with our policy.
  • coordinate contests and giveaways as needed
  • report directly to the Executive Director and Communications Director
  • provide feedback on communication content and execution.

To be our Communications Assistant, you must:

  • be available for approximately 1-2 hours a day from October 1st to October 13th and for 8 hours on the night of the event (October 13th)
  • attend a 1-hour training session on or shortly after October 1st at a mutually agreeable time to get acquainted with our organization and.
  • You will be responsible for otherwise allocating your time throughout October 1st to 14th to best support the festival, completing other duties as requested.
  • have an interest in the local arts scene, previous experience managing social media interactions for an organization,
  • have access to a laptop (asset, not mandatory)

Honorarium for position: $250

To apply, please send your CV and examples of your social media content to our HR Director at [email protected] by midnight on September 20, 2018