Posted on October 6th, 2021
by Nocturne

Each year we are grateful to work with partners that believe in our mission to use art as a catalyst for connection. Our work over the last few months in preparation for Nocturne 2021 has been supported by many who share in this goal but today we are excited to tell you more about our Accessibility partner, Emera! Through their support we have implemented a few key features to lower the barriers of access to our festival.

We are excited to tell you about our work with Emera on features that make Nocturne more barrier free and accessible for all!


Through this partnership we were able to offer each of our selected Beacon Projects a $250 budget towards specific accessibility features or actions for their projects. These things include closed captioning, described viewing, sensory friendly viewing experiences, translations, physical access requirements in spaces and more. We took this approach to really centre the artist and their project because we know it isn't a one size fits all, or suits all quest towards safety and accessibility. We also purchased additional volunteer gear to make our might helpers as visible as possible to you as you are making your way around the festival! Find them in the white and yellow construction vests!


In the process we also beefed up our accessibility features on the back end of the website and our social media to make the experience of engaging with our platforms as welcoming and inclusive as possible. Prioritizing image descriptions (and learning how best to write them) as well as ALT TEXT and other ADA standards has been top of mind and supported under this new partnership.

You will also see a new filter on our website that allows you to see all the projects using various accessibility features. You can also favourite any projects and make a list and corresponding map to attend projects that correspond with your access needs.


In addition to this we were also able to make the process of participating in Nocturne most accessible by providing recorded info sessions, application mentorship and peer review, and financial support to artists needing child care or other supportive measures in order to complete their project. We were able to provide a video interview option for the submission process that took away the barrier that some may have felt in a traditional application process.


This is just a start and we can't wait to see how we can enhance these features in the future with the support of Emera! We hope to bring back the accessible Nocturne bus once COVID restrictions allow us to and keep finding ways to prioritize access in everything we do.

"Accessibility is always a concern of ours when bringing this festival to fruition. Our city is not a very accessible one and so when we activate it, especially in non-traditional venues, during Nocturne we understand the barriers that exist and try our best to lower those wherever we can. We want the festival to feel safe and welcoming to any and all people who want to attend. Thank you to Emera for also supporting us in this mission!"
Lindsay Cory, Executive Director

Emera's Inclusion and Diversity Fund will invest a minimum of $5 million over the next five years – this collective effort across Emera and its operating companies will support organizations and initiatives advancing inclusion and diversity in our communities. Learn more about this fund here.