Black Art at Night: I'thandi Munro

I'thandi Munro
Posted on February 1st, 2021
by I'thandi Munro

First off, we would like to acknowledge the significant contributions that Black and African Nova Scotian communities have made to this place, to culture, to infrastructure, to history and to the future. We are also excited to give up some space for our newest employee to write a series of blog posts; Nocturne : Black Art at Night - over to you, I’thandi!

It's me, I'thandi Munro, I am a Mixed Black (Afro/Euro/L'nu) woman, mother, artist, dancer, creative, and Nocturne's programming assistant. During the month of February I am going to reminisce, by featuring the beautiful Black artists that have impacted our audiences over the years. Please check back for new highlighted artists that I feel deserve, a special moment.

African Nova Scotian art plays an important part in breaking down barriers that still exist in our communities, institutions, systems, families, friends, events and environment. I will be posting about other ANS that have come through Nocturne, their project's of the past, and all the amazing achievements they have done, and continue to do.

For the first post I figured I should talk about myself, I'thandi Munro. The reason for this is I think self-appreciation, self-love, and self-promotion are an important part of putting yourself out there to express your ideas to successfully impact those around you. This year I joined the Nocturne Kjipuktuk/Halifax team as an employee and artist. I continue to work for this organization. I use my voice and experiences to spread education through my dance and fine art practices across our community in hopes to make significant changes for the next generation that come after us. I graduated from NSCAD with a Double Major in Photography, Jewellery Design & Metalsmithing. I am a current NSCAD Employee and work as a Research Assistant for Craft And The Digital Turn. I am a dance instructor for East Coast Dance Academy, and will soon be launching my own dance program called DriftEd. I sit on the board for The Woods Professional Hip Hop Dance company. I am the founder of Bireti; Precious metal, gemstones, & beadwork Jewellery that celebrate & embrace the beauty in dark tones. I also recently started curating a wearable art collective for BIPOC artists called YEGARA through Eyelevel Artist-Run Centre. BUT most importantly I am a mother of two, and the inspiration to move mountains, comes from them.

I was funded for two projects my first year participating as an artist during Nocturne 2020: Echolocation, Curated by Lindsay Dobbin ; Wejku'agamit > Owed & DE-POSITION. Both have roots in activism and bring awareness to our current post colonial economic & social structures that need to be drastically interrupted for meaningful change.

You can find me : @bireti.jewellery

I'thandi Munro dancing in DEPOSITION by The Woods at Nocturne 2020: Echolocation
I'thandi Munro dancing in DE-POSITION by The Woods at Nocturne 2020: Echolocation (photo by James Maclean)