ZONE 4 HIGHLIGHTS sponsored by Propeller Brewing Co.

Posted on October 12th, 2021
by Nocturne

Did you know that Nocturne is divided into zones? And with 4 days to explore the festival you can truly take in each zone of the festival and we are here to help you along the way!


Let's take a look at Zone 4: North End. Owning the zone this year is Propeller Brewing Co! We are so grateful to our zone sponsors for making the festival possible and for helping YOU enjoy the festival even more by being your own personal tour guide! Propeller has been one of our longest serving partners brewing the exclusive Nocturne Black IPA for us every year and always finding ways to support artists in the process!


Zone 4 is the original home to so many key arts organizations in our community: Centre for Art Tapes, Wonder'neath, Eyelevel, Hermes, Radstorm, and new spaces like The Blue Building Gallery make Zone 4 the true *home* of Nocturne too and hey - we now have an office space in this zone! Spanning the length of Gottingen and surrounding streets this zone is a great one if you want to connect with local artists in the spaces they make their work!

Key locations in this zone include, of course, the Propeller Tap Room on Gottingen, North Memorial Library, Alteregos, and 2482 Maynard.

Stop in at our Info Booth! Meet a volunteer, pick up a guide and learn more about whats going on in the zone. The info booth is located near the North Memorial Library.


  • You would be remiss if you didn't stop in at Propeller and pick up some Nocturne Black IPA! And while you are at it you can take in the project: What Would HRM Do? An interactive print making project where you can make your own letterpress print.
  • Not to be missed is the live painting of murals at the future home of Parkland at the Common!
  • Visit Alterego's cafe on October 15th from 1 - 3pm to join artists Abi Hodson and Sierra Megas in a drop-in letter writing and doodling session with their project Interwoven.
  • Spotlight project by Breaking Circus is not to be missed! Check out their listing for the full schedule.
  • Nocturne is all about bringing art to non-traditional art spaces and SHAPE/SHIFT is just that! This project will transform a parking garage into a gallery space where you can watch the drawings move and change in coloured lights!
  • Stop in at The Blue Building to see a gallery show and livestream by Emily Vey Duke and Copper Battersby.
  • Keep on moving all the way to Hermes gallery where you can see Tea Ceremony by the Continuum Collective!


  • Viewpoint Gallery, though it has related to Bedford is technically considered in this zone so if you find yourself out in Bedford make sure to stop in!
  • There are lots of local businesses you can stop at to grab a drink or a bite to eat - remember to tip your server! #artloverstipwell
  • Check the individual schedule - some projects in this zone are only happening at certain times.
  • Don't forget your mask and your vaccination record! Check out our COVID safety precautions to learn more.


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