Call for Projects


Thank you for checking in, we are currently not accepting any further project submissions. All applicants will be notified on the status of their application by the end of June, 2022.

Our Call for Community Groups & Galleries is here! Read the blog post for more information.


Nocturne: Art at Night Festival (Nocturne) is a free independent, contemporary art festival in Kjipuktuk (Halifax) presented by the Nocturne: Art at Night Society which was founded in 2008. The festival brings art and energy to the streets of our city (and online) showcasing and celebrating the visual arts scene in Mi'kma'ki (Nova Scotia). This year Nocturne will take place from October 13-15, 2022. We have decided to continue with a multi-day format for the festival with a few key changes that will help to simplify the process and experience. We are excited to tell you more about that in the framework section of this application.

For more information about Nocturne and to see installations from previous festivals, please visit the festival website.


We encourage all applicants to consider their relationship to the land; Nocturne is an opportunity and platform to re-imagine the spaces of our city both built and natural and to interrogate the systems and institutions that govern those spaces. It is also a platform to consider the lived and experienced cultural landscapes that make up our city.

The land (and waters) where Nocturne takes place is Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral, unceded and unsurrendered territory of the Mi’kmaq People. This territory is covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship” which Wolastoqiyik and Mi’kmaq Peoples first signed with the British crown in 1725. It’s important that we say unceded and unsurrendered because acts that violate these treaties are happening every day here in Mi’kma’ki and all across Turtle Island. We are all treaty people and Nocturne strives to uphold the relationships outlined in these treaties that govern this land. We also acknowledge the significant foundations that the infrastructure and culture of Black and African Nova Scotian communities have contributed and continue to contribute to this province and country. Nocturne continues to collaborate, amplify, and connect with the many art communities that live and work here in Mi'kma'ki.

To learn more about Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages, the Native Land Interactive Map is a great resource and educational tool.


  • We encourage artists to respond to our annual festival theme.
  • We encourage proposals that reflect Nocturne's core values as an independent, non-commercial, and contemporary art festival.
  • We encourage emerging artists, creatives, arts workers, makers, to apply.
  • We aim to support efforts that are exploratory, challenging, and critical in nature.
  • We encourage applicants to propose new work as well as projects that have been started or completed elsewhere.
  • We encourage all mediums to apply. Artists should consider the platform and format of the Nocturne festival and imagine ways to display their work outside of the traditional setting.
  • We seek to view applicants from a lens of equity and aim to create space for equal opportunities.
  • We encourage proposals for interactive and engaging installations.
  • We are committed to organizing a barrier-free festival and do our best to ensure the venues and projects at Nocturne reflect those commitments.


Nocturne is proud to pay successful applicants an equitable CARFAC Artist Fee (or better) every year along with a material budget and supplemental support for additional costs such as accessibility and artist care.

  • Individual artists will receive a $450 Artist Fee.

  • Collectives will receive the $450 artist fee per artist involved in your group (for example: 3 artists x $450/artist = $1,350).

  • Successful applicants will also receive funding towards their material budget as based on their submitted budget.

The Nocturne Selection Committee reserves the right to ask questions about the submitted budget, provide additional funding, or suggest a different contribution amount.


Nocturne is committed to accessibility, inclusion, and artistic care. We invite applicants to include an Access & Support Supplement budget to their project budget which can go towards artist care needs (child care, artist accessibility needs, support etc.) and features at their projects to make the experience of their work more accessible and inclusive. This supplementary grant provides a contribution towards costs for specific services and supports required to carry out a project funded by Nocturne.

  • We invite applicants to apply for up to $250/project towards accessibility costs

  • We also invite applicants to apply for up to $250/project towards artist support

More instructions and information on this is available in the budget template.


New in 2022 we are developing an Artist Support Network to better assist artists during the creation and presentation of their public projects. If selected as a Beacon Artist you will have access to this support and Nocturne will pay the mentor/support person for their time. Our hope is to provide artists with a network of Nocturne alumni and public art / production adjacent professionals interested in supporting their work through consultations, mentorships and collaborations.

All selected projects will be insured under our Commercial General Liability policy ($5,000,000) and therefore subject to review for safety and liability concerns. Nocturne will work with artists to mitigate risks and provide any formal documentation required. This may include (but is not limited to) adding additionally insured companies/venues to our policy.


Since 2020 the Nocturne festival has expanded from a one-night event to a multi-day festival format.

To simplify the format, we have decided to streamline our festival schedule. We are hoping that these changes make it easier for artists to budget for their project and for the public to plan their Nocturne experience through our promotion and marketing. We will still focus on the night-time art experience but have added a Saturday afternoon kid/family friendly session to the schedule.

  • Installations/ “static” projects will ideally be set up for the duration of the festival (Thursday-Saturday). They can have a schedule of when they are “open” to the public but we are asking that artists plan accordingly to have their projects installed and up for the duration of the festival. This also means artists should plan for the various weather conditions that might be a factor.

  • Performances will take place in the evening and we will schedule 1-2 performance based works each night of the festival and 1-2 afternoon performances that can take place during the Saturday afternoon.

  • Artist talks will be scheduled on Sunday and will take place in a central location (or online) to be organized by Nocturne. Artists can include in their application if they are interested in offering an artist talk. We will organize talks based on our budget and schedule.

Festival Schedule


Proposals for Nocturne 2022 must comply with the Nova Scotia government's COVID-19 Recovery Plan and all public health restrictions related to events. These are subject to change and we will be responsible for informing artists of changes but it is something to consider at the time of application is how will audiences enjoy your project safely.


NEW THIS YEAR: Artists are no longer responsible for organizing a venue for their project at the application stage. In the application form you will find a section where you can communicate a “type” of venue you feel would best suit your project and once selected Nocturne will organize the permissions and connections between artists and venue managers based on the project needs.


LEGACIES curated by Stephanie Yee & Lux Habrich

What do we leave behind when our time in a space comes to a close? What have we inherited? What do we pass on to those who remain or have yet to come? Our legacies can span personal, collective, global and ecological realities. It can be planned and meticulously built up over decades or communicated unconsciously in a passing utterance. It could be documented in history books, passed along through spoken word, or live simply as a memory replayed in a loved one’s head.

Navigating the stops and starts, the closings and reopenings, living through this pandemic has meant moving through multiple waves of uncertainty, loss and coping. The consistent thread throughout this rupture has been our need for imagination, creativity, and connection. It is through these modes that we find meaning in everyday moments to string together the stories that move us forward.

Coinciding with Nocturne’s 15th year anniversary, the theme of LEGACIES reflects on how artists have reimagined and activated our city over the years. Continuing in this spirit, we invite artists and the public alike to consider the lasting intergenerational and intercultural legacies that have and continue to shape the depths of their interior and exterior lives. Art can provide an immediate source of coping, but it also nurtures our ability to engage in a world with more comfort, dignity, ease and joy. And while the city’s transformation during the festival only exists for a limited time, it in itself will be a reminder that it is not permanence that makes a lasting impact - but instead, the space and time we take to gather, envision and create.

Read the full curatorial statement here


Staff will do an initial review of all proposals and remove any that do not align with our festival priorities, safety requirements, or do not follow our application criteria. Approved proposals will then be sent to the Nocturne Selection Committee, which is composed of staff, local artists, arts and culture workers, and community members. The Selection Committee members are paid an honorarium for their time, expertise, and experience.

The Selection Committee reviews the applications and makes recommendations based on the following criteria:

  1. Artistic Merit

  2. Impact

  3. Feasibility

  4. Relevance to place/community

  5. Connection to theme


  1. Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified of the status of their application, at the latest, on June 25, 2022.

  2. Contracts will be sent out by July 1, 2022 and due back signed by July 15, 2022

  3. First payments of 80% of the total project budget will be sent out to successful applicants upon receipt of their signed contract and 20% final payments will be sent out following the festival and after Nocturne has received a completed final report for the project.