Nocturne is run primarily on volunteers, from board members, committees, juries, to helpers for the night of! The festival would not be possible without the dedication of its volunteers.

Interested in getting involved as a volunteer? Please contact our Volunteer Director, Yeha - [email protected] 


Crowd Count Brigade (around 8 & 10pm) – Use the hashtag #NocCrowdCount to tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook the number of people you see around you (count as far as you can see!), along with the intersection or location you’re at. We’ll assemble the information to get a better idea of how many people are at Nocturne 2018. #NocCrowdCount

Share Your Words, Photos, and Videos – Tag your social media posts with #NocHfx18 (and you can also tag any exhibit numbers, e.g. #63), and engage with our Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts! #NocHfx