Our Most Asked Questions

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  • Who/What/When/Where/Why Is Nocturne?

    In short, Nocturne: Art at Night is a fall festival hosted in Kjipuktuk (Halifax & Dartmouth) during the week following the October long weekend.

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  • How much is Nocturne?

    Nocturne is free to attend!

  • How Do You Pay Your Artists?

    Nocturne is funded by local, provincial, and federal funding. As well, our many generous sponsors help ensure the festival is able to operate year-after-year. We also accept donations from community members who are interested in offering monetary support.

    All of these funding sources allow Nocturne to follow CARFAC fee recommendations to compensate our Anchor, Beacon, and Spotlight artists. Community Groups and Galleries individually coordinate their artist(s') payments.

  • Why is Nocturne scheduled during the cold weather months?

    Why not?

    The event calendar in Kjipuktuk/Halifax is usually jam-packed, and Nocturne brings the city to life during this slower & (sometimes) colder weekend of the year.

  • What Happens If It Rains/Storms?

    Nocturne is rain or (moon)shine.

    We do take the safety of our artists & the community very seriously. If there is a need for updates to our scheduled programming, you will find them on our main social media channels: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram first.

  • How Do I Plan To Attend?

    There are already tons of great ideas on how to plan for the 2020 festival on our blog & social media channels.

    The Nocturne Guide will be released in The Coast, Halifax's Weekly on Tuesday, October 13th, which will also feature details on how to have an amazing experience.

    In the meantime, check out our Projects page for sneak peeks of everything you can expect to see & do this year.

  • Is There A Lost & Found?

    There is!

    If you have found something during the festival, get in touch with festival organizers and they will take it from there.

    If you have lost something during the festival, get in touch with festival organizers and we will let you know if your item has been found.

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  • How Do I Become A Nocturne Artist?

    Be on the lookout for our Call for Artists on our website, on our social media channels, or via our Nocturne Newsletter. We also hold Artist Information Sessions when the call is open to answer all of your burning questions.

  • What Are Nocturne's Artist Fees?

    Nocturne pays the standard CARFAC fee to all of our Anchor, Beacon & Spotlight artists.



  • How Can I Become A Venue/Offer My Space for A Project?

    Do you have a space & want to see it transformed into something amazing during Nocturne? Every year, we look for potential venues to share with artists.

    Hosting a project is a great way to generate interest and exposure for your space, organization, or business.

    To add your space to our growing list of venues, contact us at [email protected]. The venue list is made available to all artists applying to Nocturne. Artists will then contact the venue owner(s) to discuss their project and the space.

    Please note: Nocturne cannot guarantee that your venue/space will be selected by an artist.