2020 Call For Projects - DEADLINE EXTENDED


**UPDATE** The deadline for our call for projects has been extended to July 12, 2020!

We are excited to announce our call for projects for 2020! Given the uncertain times, we are collectively experiencing right now, we wanted to give artists some extra time to apply as well as a chance to consider the theme in light of everything going on in the world and in our community. With that said, we invite you to take a look at our revamped call for projects. We have also extended the deadline to July 12, 2020 (midnight)

In previous years, Nocturne has only accepted written applications, however this year we will also be accepting applications in any preferred format, including audio or video recordings, or we are happy to arrange for verbal applications over the phone or over a Zoom meeting. We are open to the form of communication that works best for you.

Please take some time to read the theme excerpt below and access the application form through the following link. Reach out with questions and concerns you might have.

- Team Nocturne



Supporting Documents:

THEME: ECHOLOCATION (Curated by Lindsay Dobbin)

Information Sessions:

(Password: 8c*h64Op)

More Important Dates:

NOCTURNE LEAD UP EVENTS: October 13-17th, 2020
October 17th, 2020

For more information contact [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does everything at Nocturne 2020 have to be done live?

A: No, we are open to any projects that can live on a virtual platform or require no physical gathering. Pre-recorded content can be linked on our website for the public to take in.

Q: Why is the festival not just one Saturday night?

A: We have always had some lead-up events but we felt by extending the festival would allow for projects in physical spaces to still take place without mass gatherings around them at a certain time. We also think that with many virtual platforms there can be a learning curve to interacting with them so we wanted to give the public more time to access and artists more time to process those interactions.

Q: Since the format is different this year and there will be an online component, are you anticipating an audience beyond Halifax? Also, is collaborating with an artist beyond NS a possibility?

A: This year Nocturne is virtually everywhere, your work will project farther than before and we want to help you reach further audiences as well. We will be doing all way can on our end to make sure your project projects beyond the city and will be working with our artists to help them do the same. And yes, we will be including artists from outside the region!

Q: What are the guidelines around submitting a project proposal that is already in the works and will be performed elsewhere after Nocturne?

A: We don't mind if you show your work in other spaces - in fact, we encourage you to have your work live on beyond our event. Let us know where you plan on bringing your project and we can help promote it on our end too.

Q: Will Nocturne have a server and website space for an online component to a project, or is the artist responsible for hosting their own web component if there is one?

A: We will be linking to projects from our website. Text-based projects (or projects that use instructions for how to participate but live in the "real world" don't need to create a website with that information, it will be able to live on our page directly.

Q: Can the work stay during day-time?

A: Yup! In fact, by making the festival longer we really wanted to encourage any projects that could remain in place for longer periods of time to do so so more people can interact with the work.