Our HOT TIPS for a successful Nocturne application

We are excited to announce our call for projects for 2020! Given the uncertain times, we are collectively experiencing right now, we wanted to give artists some extra time to apply as well as a chance to consider the theme in light of everything going on in the world and in our community.

In previous years, Nocturne has only accepted written applications, however this year we will also be accepting applications in any preferred format, including audio or video recordings, or we are happy to arrange for verbal applications over the phone or over a Zoom meeting. We are open to the form of communication that works best for you. Reach out and let us know what you need.

We thought we would drop you some tips for a great application.

TIP 1: Dream big but be clear
Nocturne is a great opportunity to get some of those big ideas off the ground. We want to help you do that but our best tip is to make sure we understand what you want to achieve with your project. If it's hard to convey in words what you want to do why not try submitting a reference image or drawing. Think about the 5 W's and 1 H when you are applying.

TIP 2: Don't sleep on the support material
Use your support images and documents as tools to communicate your project as well as your ability to do it. We look at everything you submit (within our guidelines) so use the support material to amplify your ideas.

TIP 3: Work offline first
While our application form is online, it isn't always easy to work on off and on and it REALLY stinks to lose all your hard work halfway through. Our suggestion is to copy the questions into another document so you can brainstorm and work out your thoughts and then upload them to your application. If it is easier for you to deliver your application in a Zoom or phone call, we can make that happen too!

TIP 4: Review... and review again
It never hurts to have a friend review what you have in mind. They can make sure you are being as clear as possible (see tip 1) but also can make sure you aren't getting lost in the technical aspects and haven't addressed the point of your project. If you don't have someone close to you that can review, send it to us and we will help!

TIP 5: When in doubt, reach out
Our organizers and curator are always around to answer questions and help you through the process. We would love to chat about your project ideas! Email us at [email protected]

BONUS TIP: Listen to a past info session
We have our past sessions available online to listen to right here.

Ready to apply? hit the button below!

DEADLINE EXTENDED: JULY 12, 2020 (midnight)