Accessibility Noc-Tour 1: Presented by Emera

Nocturne strives to include projects for people with diverse abilities to experience. Projects featured in this Noc-Tour foster accessibility at their core.


  • Date: October 14
  • Time: 6 p.m.
  • Length: 2 hours
  • Starting Location: Alderney Outdoor Stage - 1 Ochterloney St
  • Ending Location: Grand Parade - 1770 Barrington St
  • Distance: 2.31 km
  • Guide: Sarah Davison (she/her)


A02: The Invisible Artists Carnival
Accessibility: Deaf interpreter, ASL interpreter(s), visual described, wheelchair accessible, accessibility guide available.

N01: Ferry-O-Ke!!!
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

S09: Sweatpants
Accessibility: ALS interpreter, wheelchair accessible

A01: Meander/Drift
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible, headphones and transcripts are available


This Noc-Tour is made possible with the generous support of Emera.