Anti-Oppression Lunch 'n' Learn with Kate MacDonald

Anti-Oppression & Anti-Racism: In Real-Time.

We will be exploring anti-o, anti-racism concepts and frameworks in a real-time way. Beyond theory, we will talk about how to navigate these ideas out in this really messy, complicated world. Kate Macdonald will be facilitating this conversation but it should also be noted that this is a collective and shared learning space. We can all learn from each other. We will be embarking on this conversation on unceeded, unsurrendered Mi'kmaq territory.

Note: This conversation was recorded, stay tuned for a link to watch!

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Kate Macdonald was born and raised in Halifax, NS. Kate is proudly African Nova Scotian. She studied Performance Acting at Ryerson University in Toronto, ON. At the end of 2016 with the political climate swiftly changing around her (en election of a new president) she knew her reaction had to be radical. Out of this desire to make a change she Founded and Co Created The Magic Project. Which focuses on bringing marginalized brilliance to the forefront of social media using the arts. Kate is also a Community Facilitator and Youth Programmer. She hopes to continue creating workshops, holding space for community discussions and empowering youth through celebration. Recently, Kate, Trayvone Clayton & DeRico Symonds created an African Nova Scotian community based, youth-led initiative called The Game Changers. After a year of working together in advocacy, activism, and community they decided to collaborate officially. Kate currently works as the RISE Halifax Project Coordinator for the organization Apathy is Boring. Kate has just accepted a role at the North Branch Memorial Library as the Branch Manager.

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