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Breathe In Breathe Out

The video project entitled Breathe In Breathe Out will examine the impact of widespread urban morphology, its effect on the environment, and the integration of nature for increased wellbeing.

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Within the Halifax urban core, density is increasing, diversity of architecture is disappearing, and green space is shrinking. Architecture plays an important role in identification and connection to place. Research has shown that adaptive reuse rather than demolition is sometimes more ecological and just as cost-effective (1).

Scientific and sociological research have also revealed, and certainly, the past months of social isolation during the global COVID 19 pandemic has demonstrated, that spending time in nature increases mental wellbeing (2). Through preservation of built heritage and integration of nature in urban environments, awareness of our connection to the earth is increased, habitats are maintained, and wellbeing improves (3).

The video displays a dream sequence of historic buildings fading in and out, quietly listening and breathing in locations related to sights and sounds of nature. The ebb and flow of life intertwines past and present with calls for the return of precolonial nature to the urban environment. This project was inspired by COVID-19 isolation, increased time spent in nature, and breathing exercises as a method of stress reduction. The circular shapes, symbolizing breathing, were inspired by virtual yoga prompts and cycles of waxing and waning.

Over the summer months, the artists gathered video, sound, and image files from their archives of nature and buildings in Halifax that have been redeveloped or considered for development.

Use the hashtag #sis_breatheinbreatheout and tagging Instagram account @settlersinsolidarityhfx during October 13-17 2020.

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