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Cirque of Conciousness

The mind is filled with an internal chatter of our lifetimes experiences. It moves, spins, and flies through our day in a rhythmic collage of what's now and what's when. Dreamy vibrations echo to the tune of our souls inner being. These revolving senses and evolving shapes find a texture to move in the web of an aerialist.
Check out this series of videos featuring the inner workings of the mind as an aerialist.

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inesS Studio inesS® (Studio in Essence Ltd) is a Circus Arts and Pilates Studio downtown Halifax. Our team is a collective of highly qualified, caring, and creative Instructors specializing in the Pilates method, GYROTONIC® method, Aerials Circus, and Pole Sport. We have guided students to increase strength and flexibility, improve posture and body awareness, enhance self-confidence and vitality, and getting fit, all while having fun since 2005!

VIDEO 1 - SpiraLynn
VIDEO 2 - Jill Hackent and Krista Collier Jarvis
VIDEO 3 - Catherine Murray