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Drawing within the lines - Echo

A Toyota Echo made of knickknacks and glitters is looking for a parking spot #nochx20 #drawingwithinthelinesecho

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Drawing within the lines - Echo, is a sculpture and photography project that invades public parking space. By responding to the theme of Nocturne 2020, Echolocation, my goal is to question the use of public space and its temporary takeover of it. This project is a quiet protest, a mean to disrupt routine, a starting point for a discussion about the way we utilize streets and parking space. Commenting the impact of urbanization and the
alteration made by urban landscape and the car culture, the artwork presented brings playfulness and wonder to an area made of asphalt and concrete. It is an unnatural state to an environment that is fully fabricated.

Drawing within the lines - Echo is a roaming project, showcasing a papier-mâché Toyota Echo car, parked in various locations in Halifax. Using a technic close to childhood to build the car, its appearance resembles a very glittery, bright colors and rough simplification of a stereotypical car. Using available parking space, I wish to place it, as to archive the moment by photographing it. The sculpture will be inspired by the shape of a Toyota
Echo and will feature a few winks to the event theme. I chose to use direct and cheesy links to the theme, as the details of the sculpture will be shown as the evening goes on Instagram using, #nochx20 #drawingwithinthelinesecho.

Drawing within the lines - Echo follows a reflection about the frontier between the rigid and the playful as well as the effect of urban densification on people routines and movements. The rhythm created by cars well aligned into their designated area, gets broken by the visual impact of an art installation placed in the middle of it.

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