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Echo Embodied

Echo Embodied (2020) Filmed in Halifax/ K'jipuktuk. Choreographed for The Young Company of Halifax Dance by Gillian Seaward-Boone. Performed by students of the Intensive Training Program. Videography by Noah Stevens (3D Wave Design).

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It is widely known that some animals use echolocation to establish spacial representation of the world around them. Perhaps lesser known is the capacity for humans to similarly use environmental sound cues to navigate space. One demographic who utilizes this skill extensively are dancers. Trained to recognize rapid intake of non-verbal sound, dancers constantly use percepto-cognitive processes to determine negative space and establish spacial awareness while dancing, especially in relation to other bodies/dancers in a shared space.

Echo Embodied is an exploration of the ways in which dancers use environmental sound cues and sensory processing to navigate space while dancing, especially while dancing in unison.

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