Beacon Project

Haptic Paradigm

Haptic Paradigm is a web-based interactive installation conceptualized by Chloe Alexandra Thompson with web tools created with Johnny Ray Alt. For Nocturne the interactive performance/installation will feature visual work by DB Amorin and a sonic environment by Chloe Alexandra Thompson.

Note: This project was recorded and is no longer interactive, check out the link to watch the recording of the installation.

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Despite the isolation and distance we feel due to pressures in our society toward individualism, and restrictions put in place as a result of COVID-19, we are still in relationship to and with others outside of our immediate view. This project seeks to create a space for considering the power of a small investigative action, whether it’s outcome is immediately visible or not, through play. Each participant will take a timed turn at the controls, and then will pass on the work to the next in line.

When you arrive in the space, consider that you are part of a larger collaboration, take time to listen, watch and assess the movements of your collaborators before making your contribution. There are sliders which are tools to interact with the composition. You will see them moving when another user interacts, but will not be able to move them yourself until it’s your turn. When it is your turn you will see “YOU ARE IN CONTROL” on your browser tab and on your screen.

Haptic Paradigm utilizes simple controls in its interface to encourage collaboration in composition for people of all skill-levels. To see and hear the results of the interactions, activate the embedded livestream on the webpage. If someone is ahead of you in the queue, you’re encouraged to wait and listen. Once the controls are yours, you will be able to manipulate the sonic and visual fields.

The artists are interested in using Haptic Paradigm as an allegory to highlight space making / finding / engaging abilities that we hold to both interact with and create community from. The changing nature of the controls and composition relates to the need for code switching and active fast-paced learning that many people do within environments that are not created to cater to their experience.

During the time that each of us is on this earth we are in constant collaboration with “spaces” and “others” whether conscious or not. We are considering how other online tools are being used to create actions in concert that have tangible effects and changes on interactions outside of the screen. These tools have been of great use during the fever pitch of the moment, but only if the online actions are also rooted in care, action, and engagement outside of the screen.

Interactive Digital Art Sound/Audio Art