Beacon Project

Migration & (RE)Emergence The Herring, Clouds and the Blue Sky

Through a series of portraits, I will connect with the most intimate parts of myself that I rarely remember are there. Re-creating photographs of my parents between the years 1970-1990, before and after their immigration.

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I am currently the age that my parents were when they arrived in Mi'kma'ki. I will be putting my body in the place of theirs, wearing similar clothing and some with exact locations. Attempting to feel and understand those captured moments as closely as imaginatively possible. The original photos will be shared alongside the re-creations as a way to deepen my connection with them. These juxtapositions will draw attention to similarities, distinctions & gender expressions that emerge through the process.

How can you communicate with generations of the past and future? What would you say to a person from your past, a family member from centuries before you? I invite you to send you own messages across time, land and water. To think about what it means to communicate through body sensations, radical imagination and vibration – when those you want to connect with, are not in arm’s reach.

As someone who decided at one time to endure the academic route of Marine Biology and Ocean Technology, I now am beginning to understand that my knowledge and connection to the oceans, stretches much further and deeper than what I have learned in textbooks and from those with academic merit. This phase of my curiosity and learning are focused on storytelling, photography and non-linear forms of communication and connection.

Image Credit: Mo Drescher

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