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Permanent Panel installation audio art

2 existing installations will come alive with sounds and Audio recordings of what lies beneath! The sounds of water under our streets, in our houses and everywhere water meets land will be expressed with 30 sec audio clips on a loop at the existing panel sites. Story collection and guided interpretations will be available with on site volunteers and available on the web for download.

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7-11 pm Monday - Thursday visit Downtown Halifax Panel to hear the project: Apple Map Link for Halifax Re-imagining Atlantic Harbours - RAH
Join us online @rahfor2050 on Instagram during Nocturne to engage with project videos as it's released online throughout the week
Visit RAH2050.ca and our Bedford Waterfront all the time Our Local Watersheds RAH2050 education table to see the watershed map and all the freshwater as it drains to the place you are standing

Placemaking Sound/Audio Art