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A Spark of Creativity

A collaborative mural and creative event, featuring on-site embellishment of photographs and a collaged mural created throughout Nocturne.

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During Nocturne, participants are invited to have their photographs taken by MacPhee Centre youth in front of an artful backdrop at The Trainyard, which will then be printed on photo paper on-site. Taking those photographs to the next station, Alt-C volunteers will be on hand to show how to draw on the photographs using alcohol-based markers and acrylic inks. For participants who don't want their photos taken or would like to stretch other creative muscles, paper, drawing tools, and artistic assistance & encouragement will be provided. Collecting all these works, The Trainyard members will affix them to a pre-cut vinyl design on the wall-a starburst of lines around the silhouette of a person-creating an artful collage of community members over the course of the four days of Nocturne. In this way, the creative group efforts from a short time period will become a public, permanent art piece for years to come.


From Oct 13-15, participants to A Spark of Creativity are welcome to come into Trainyard during regular business hours (10am-5pm) to have their photographs taken and to draw on, or to draw on paper with the supplied art supplies. This is for people who may be overstimulated during Nocturne’s peak periods, but still want to take part in the festivities. On Saturday Oct 16th, Alt-C volunteers, MacPhee youth, and Trainyard staff will be on-hand to coordinate the full event, from 3-9pm, as we expect this to be the busiest day of all. Saturday is also when the mural will start to be arranged, so Nocturne participants can see its growth throughout time.

Photography by Lyndsay Greenwood Photography
Illustration by Paige Sawler

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