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AYA (as yet announced)

Through this journey of movement, sound, light, and projection, five artists share a gentle, but not always easy, unfolding. They seek to uncover that which has yet to be named or known. Simultaneously suspended and grounded in the liminal, continual, and evolving web of community, AYA moves with intent towards a realization of what is to come. Centering care and responsibility, this experience honours what has come before as it moves towards realizing a future not yet announced.

Saturday, October 16th from 6:30-11:30 pm

Open installation to be experienced throughout the evening!

Performance Happenings will occur at:

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AYA is the first collective effort of artists Susanne Chui, Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis, Raven Davis, Nick Nguyen, and Liliona Quarmyne. Both individually and collectively, the artists investigate what it means to create a happening that is both its own experience, and also a portal to a larger experience of self-actualization. Visiting the past, building the future, and rooting firmly in the present, AYA is a continual, and evolving web of community connections and ties. It is a realization of what is unknown and yet, will inevitably arrive. For Nocturne, AYA arrives as a collaborative, immersive, interdisciplinary, and experiential engagement.

Through mistakes, humility, pride, curiosity, discovery, and an unending need to engage through a myriad of states, the artists work from a sheer desire to manifest a future that matches the scale of their dreams. Their hope operates as a magnet as they circle away from and towards each other, asserting, ‘we have always been here, we will always be here’.

Family Friendly Performance