Beacon Project

Body Sound (working title)

Body sound is an installation that looks to question and explore the relationship between virtual experience and physicality. Utilizing projection and depth cameras, Body Sound invites participants into the half-physical, half-digital space where movement is extended into sound, and shape into reaction. Participants are encouraged to freely move throughout the space, considering the feedback of their movement and exploring a small gallery of shader-based digital sketches.

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What potential may the future of technology hold in expanding our sense of physical identity? What challenges does the "self", a concept so locked in the coordinates of space and time, face as we approach a new digital horizon? As technology becomes more integrated not only with the outside world, but also our physical sensibilities, questions of identity, autonomy, and communication will become more relevant than ever.

Body Sound is an installation that stands at the intersect of physical language and artificial processing. Utilizing depth cameras, projection, and primitive concepts in computer graphics rendering, Body Sound creates an open space that invites participants in to experience a digitally expanded physical sensibility. Reaching out into and moving throughout the space allows a digital synthesizer to be played, while the player's contour and movements are converted into digital artefacts projected onto a screen. Where movement is extended into sound, and shape into digital reaction, the walls of the space suggest an opening in the barrier between physical and artificial self. The computational reactions generated describe a new digital relationship with space, and sound becomes the marker of time and our ephemerality. All are invited in to play freely throughout the installation space, exploring the new forms of communicating with themselves, others, and the space, while considering the marks they are creating.

Family Friendly Digital Art Interactive Installation