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Carrying the Spark: Honouring Danielle Moore

by Danielle Moore, Joanna Bull & Stewart Legere
with support from Kaitlin Burek, Ruth Gamberg, Gabrielle Mills, Anika Riopel, Mary Stone, Kailyn Hanke, Joanna Brenchley & Kelsey Lane

The Cautious Optimist invites us to reflect on this moment of climate apocalypse, and asks us gently, "What will you do with the time you have here?" Audio, text, with music. Bring your smartphone & headphones.

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Danielle Moore lived her life full of hope and believed in creating great change for a more just and environmentally sustainable planet. In her 24 years, she touched the lives of countless people across Canada and around the world. She was a courageous leader, champion for justice, beloved friend, eager learner and teacher, and an environmental activist always keen to carry the hard work of sustainability forward. What’s more, she brought authentic joy and enthusiasm to all that she did, and made people feel at ease and cared for in her presence.

Tragically, Danielle’s life was cut short on March 10th, 2019, when flight ET302 crashed in Ethiopia – Danielle was on her way to represent Canada at the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya.

We created this piece in honour of Danielle’s legacy – the incredible impact she had during her life, and the many ways in which her beautiful spirit is being carried forward by those who knew and loved her. She embodied the essence of courage, and hope, and life, and energy, and light, and tenderness, and playfulness, and jump-in-with-two-feet-ness, that we all so deeply need right now as we rise to the challenges of this incredible and devastating moment in Earth’s history.

The words you hear in this piece are adapted from Danielle’s blog, the Cautious Optimist, along with other excerpts of her writings. In it, with great care and tenderness, she challenges us: *What will you do with the time you have here?*

This piece can be accessed through the "50 Things" app, developed by Zuppa Theatre Co. and Ecology Action Centre, and available for free to download from your favourite app store. When you arrive at the designated location, the audio piece will become available on your phone. Bring your headphones!

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