Beacon Project

Ethernal Organs: breathing / building

Wind through reeds – breath through bodies. Ethernal Organs are a series of duets that spiral towards the spiritual.

Performances begin at 6pm on Friday and Saturday

PLEASE NOTE Thursday's performance has been cancelled.

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“Ethernal Organs” is about breath. About the different organs that breath enters, and the sounds that occur as it exits. It is about the bodies and buildings that contain those organs, and the places those bodies and buildings find themselves.

Consisting of three unique but connected performances unfolding at sunset inside Fort Massey United Church over three nights of Nocturne. Audience members are invited to move through the space and listen to an immersive improvised duet. The sanctuary’s sonic landscape is accompanied by a live video feed of sunset on Anne & Maggie’s Nova Scotian farm, projected onto the central organ pipes.

Johnny plays the pipe organ, and intermittently introduces pre-recorded interview fragments of his mother, Anne, and her partner, Maggie, speaking about their love and life together. Each night a different musician joins Johnny, moving freely throughout the church with their instruments. Linsday Dobbin plays percussion, Nicole Rampersaud plays trumpet, Anne & Maggie play fiddle and accordion.

Installation Sound/Audio Art