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Gen Lib

A film capturing the power of protest and people who believe in a non-racist society. The film is about peaceful protests that happened in Halifax Nova Scotia in 2020 regarding Anti-Black racism, social injustice and police brutality.

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2020, a year known to the world for its many layers of injustice, police brutality and racism that caught the eyes of millions. Kjipuktuk (Halifax), Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia) is a place where these issues reigned true and are still prominent till this day.

December 2019, an African Nova Scotian Elder man was tased by the POLICE 6 times on a busy street. January 2020, an African Nova Scotian mother with her children were assaulted by the POLICE in Walmart. February 2020, a fifteen-year-old African Nova Scotian boy was arrested for standing outside of a mall. May 2020, an African Nova Scotian descendant fell to her death after an altercation with Toronto Police.

While watching the killing of George Floyd and other Black Americans, Black/African Nova Scotians took to the street in peaceful protest with their allies to stand up and fight against injustice, Police brutality and racism and this film tells the story with raw and uncut footage.

Many generations marched and took a stand before us in the fight against racism. This generation showed up harder, stronger, and unapologetic to fight for what’s visibly right.

Screenings on October 16th at 6:15 and 8pm

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