Anchor Project

Invariable Ascension

Invariable Ascension is a poly-disciplinary group exhibition which explores the liminality of queered time and legacies of irrevocable difference, social deviance, and revolutionary transcendence through various cultural ritual/reverences. This work utilizes sonic landscape, visual depiction, film, movement, and sculpture to tell stories of the radical possibilities of liberatory 2SQTBIPOC futures while honouring traditions and multidimensional histories that have been systemically erased or stolen. Invariable Ascension imagines you as viewer to a vast galaxy of storytelling, habitude, and practice generously and willingly offered.

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Invariable Ascension features work by Kordeena Clayton, Raven Davis, Carmel Farahbakhsh, Brandon Hoax, Kate Macdonald, and Mo Phùng as constellations in a synchronous and limitless galaxy of 2SQTBIPOC storytelling. These stories take the form of sonic landscape, inventive and experimental sampled rhythm and melody of passages to “homeland” that catalyze time travel. These stories take the form of intuitive, joyful, freedoms of queer dance party movement and energy, evoking themes of longing, habitude, 2SQTBIPOC rituals and magics. These stories take the form of space carving through sculptural works that demand reverence and prayer , these sculptural works combining the intersections of culture, traditions, memory keeping, contemporary routes to liberation, multidimensional histories conveyed through a poly-disciplinary approach. These stories take the form of movement as revolutionary transcendence, depicting futures that exist in the liminality of queered time and ancestral joy, rage, sorrow, power. These stories take the form of legacies of irrevocable difference, social deviance, grief, insurgence, riot, pleasure, rage, euphoria, family. Blueprints of radical possibilities, excavations of histories systemically erased or stolen, familial habitude, temporal futurisms, devoted practice.

The work will be presented as immersive stops on a pathway through non-linear collective narrative. There will be 5 works that will exist as transportive experiences in the space and 1 work will be recorded and uploaded for online viewing to maintain physical distancing and safety for the artists and attendees. Each work will be presented in a controlled and enveloping environment so that the viewer can focus in on each of the pieces. We interpret this work as a cross-cultural ritual which allows us to invent, design, and play in worlds where our queerness is holy, our ancestors are resurrected, our healing is eminent, our traditional practices are accessible, our teachers are restored, borders dissolve and our chosen and biological families travel freely.