Anchor Project


by Raven Davis
with support from LAL Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray, José Garcia-Lozano & Dorene Bernard

Translated to Water, Nbiish is a projected movement piece incorporating media, dance and light. During the time of climate distress, we are called to prioritize our environment, its’ water, resources, and our responsibilities to protect it.

First Projection:

Duration 4:56
Artist, Raven Davis
Music | LAL Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray

Second Projection
Duration 2:49
Artist | Raven Davis
Music | LAL Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray
Editing | José Garcia-Lozano

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Without clean and protected water sources, we will not be able to fulfill our obligation to reconcile with our past, and transform the necessary actions required to stop the over consumption of our resources.This moment in time generates necessary critical conversation about the environment. The liminal moment where we can choose to change how we are in relationship with our resources or ignore our complicity and continue depleting our future generations right to clean drinking water. The space between allows us to reconsider our sustainability efforts. It allows us for the readjustment of our environmental responsibilities. It allows us to reconsider our responsibility to the water, our entitlement to it, the monetary value and the inequitable distribution of water in our territories.