Nocturne at Argyle Fine Art

UPPER GALLERY: Transition by RJ Ogemah

UPPER GALLERY WINDOWS: Faced With: 140 Media Portraits by Anna Whalen

LOWER GALLERY: Repurposed Perspectives including artists Andrea Crouse, Kevin MacLean, zanahoy and more)

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Transition by RJ Ogemah

A collection of oil paintings by emerging artist RJ Ogemah that captures moments of transition in rural Nova Scotia. This will be RJ Ogemah’s first solo show with us. R.J. Ogemah is an artist originally from Thunder Bay Ontario. Influenced by his Anishinaabe roots he strives to cultivate and share an appreciation of nature through his work.

Faced With: 140 Media Portraits by Anna Whalen

To be liminal is to be in between and this collection of portraits is like a visual constellation of the past two years; we are truly living in between the past and future. The thing about this ‘unprecedented time’ is we’ve experienced the vast majority of it through our devices. Most of us were locked down at home, isolated from each other and from these events. Our own media consumption increased exponentially, for better or for worse, it's a complicated relationship we have with our devices. FACED WITH will try to capture a moment in time, through the social media scope.

Repurposed Perspectives

The show will be works from a collection of artists using repurposed materials. During Covid-19 many of us were impacted by the availability of products and services and stalled supply chains. Suddenly the grand parent or elder we knew that collected and saved the smallest of things which we may have thought to not be useful, suddenly started to make sense. This group of artists save every scrap, every piece and make something new and beautiful from it.

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