Anchor Project


rEvolving is an interactive poetry installation that encourages transformation, reflection and educates on the reality of Indigenous identity today. The title plays on the metaphor of a revolving door, in which things are continuously moving, rather than staying stagnant.

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The title for the project, “rEvolving”, symbolizes the in-between-ness of being, and being better and is a play on words for ‘‘Revolving’ as in a revolving door, where you are in-between places or stuck in a loop, where you know where you were, and you know where you’re going but you’re in a space that helps you get there - evolving. It’s this in-between-ness that also affects my sense of belonging and identity as an Indigenous woman, particularly living in the city. The project will feature an interactive poetry installation that is designed to be walked through, similar to a portière made up of poetry printed on clear plastic sheets that are meant to move with natural elements like wind, similar to a mobile or curtain. The purpose of this project is to act as a symbolic space of transformation between where you were, and where you are going and to bring awareness to how Indigenous identity fits in that experience.

While this project is viewable for the whole festival it is open for engagement on the following times:

Wednesday October 13: 11am-2pm and 5pm-9pm
Thursday October 14: 11am-2pm and 5pm-9pm
Friday October 15: 11am-2pm
Saturday October 16: 12pm - 11pm