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Suspended in Time

Turple invites you to step into the Portland Street portal, where new realities will come to life - each more vivid as dusk turns to dark.

Experience a different reality created by more than 5000 LED lights on the Turple wall. As the images transform, you enter a space where anything is possible, and time is reimagined. Are you in the past, present or the future?

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In addition to the Turple Wall light show October 13-16, on Saturday, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., visitors are invited to experience a multi-sensory portal of time travel, created with light and sound. Turple’s space in time will create sounds that will lure the city into a trance of joyful dance. Let’s all come together and travel these unknown portals of change, to infinity and beyond!

Family Friendly Illuminated