Anchor Project


by Kate MacDonald
with support from LaMeia Reddick, Tanisha Sampson & Keyan Clayton

Performances taking place on October 15 from 7-9 PM, and 10 PM - midnight at Grand Parade.

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It is our ancestral legacy as African Nova Scotians to find each other and be with each other. To invite each other into community and art. It is our legacy to be together encouraging each other to live and be free. BLACK OUT THE BLOCK is our existence without borders. Without expectation. With the depth of the deepest corners of the ocean and the unseen corners of the universe. With confidence and deeply rooted understanding (over 400 years deeply rooted).

There is no legacy of this province without our immeasurable contributions and successes. Without attempted erasure. Yet here we stand. Let’s not forget that.

BLACK OUT THE BLOCK connects four African Nova Scotian artists working for and with their community. Taking over Grand Parade and the windows of Barrington Street, this project asks: What are the experiences that shape our relationship to space? What do we need to see, feel, hear and discuss to ignite new pathways? What new memories do we need to make to start to shift these spaces? What is the curated/created memory of this space in relationship to our ancestors and to our future generations?

To move us forward, let us infuse downtown with a sense of play, vulnerability and experimentation. Let us bring the people to the streets. Let us remind folks that we are intrinsically here. In every sunset, in every cobblestone, in every flower, in every story, in every prayer, in every breath and brushstroke.

Come see how we feel.

Oct 13th
Oct 14th
Oct 15th
Installation Sound/Audio Art Performance Roaming