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Infinite Exchange

This piece was created for Nocturne 2022. Headphones are required for listening. An interactive transcript is available for deaf or hard-of-hearing audiences that would like to experience the piece on location in a different way, by following an instructional guide.

Listen: Infinite Exchange Soundcloud

Read: Infinite Exchange Transcript for Deaf Audiences

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Infinite Exchange is a sound installation that imagines “Time” as a voice that can converse with participants. The piece provokes participants to reflect on the collective task of building the future.

“Infinite Exchange” is an intimate and evocative sound installation where Time is given a voice, and with it, invites participants to reflect on past, present and future. This reflection occurs through establishing a reciprocal relationship between the voice of Time (through headphones) and the listener. Time gives the past and present to the listener, and in exchange asks to be given the future. This will be set up through a series of questions Time asks the participant, leaving space for them to answer internally (or out loud if they wish). The questions will start off about history and memory, both personal and collective. It will move through them, eventually working up to the final question, the starting prompt/source material for the piece: “what will you leave to me when you go?” Underscoring and between each question, the piece will combine ambient sound, synth and vocal melodies, and spoken poetic text. The piece will be made to listen to (or view via transcript) as participants move through the space where it is located. The purpose of the piece is to invite participants to view Time as an active force that we all share; something that fundamentally connects us. If we are responsible for giving Time the future, through the choices we make, this means we have a collective responsibility for shaping history. I would like this piece to encourage participants to reflect on collective responsibility in a way that feels generative and exciting. It expands on a question I have written about throughout my artistic practice, one that I find endlessly compelling: “If time could speak, what would it say?”

Oct 13th
Oct 14th
Oct 15th
Interactive Sound/Audio Art Hybrid (physical + virtual components) Poetry/Spoken Word/Voice