Clay Play

by Judy Gordon & Art 1274 Hollis
with support from Naomi Walsh & Colleen Underwood

Clay Play is an interactive clay project designed to demonstrate some of the myriad ways clay can be used.

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Attendees of Nocturne at Art 1274 Hollis Gallery will be invited to participate in experiential explorations with clay. Guided by the gallery’s clay artists, participants may just wish to touch soft clay and test its limits or they could explore methods of putting texture or carving into a small piece of clay.

A station will be set up on a table with prepared clay and appropriate tools and texture-making objects. Sponges, towels, and water will be provided for cleaning purposes. It has been the experience of our clay artists that, given the opportunity, people of all ages, backgrounds and physical capabilities are delighted to engage in clay play.

It is anticipated that participants may wish to take a small piece of clay with them and plastic bags could be provided for this purpose.

Art 1274 Hollis Gallery is an artist’s cooperative and a minimum of six gallery members will be on site for the entire evening, including at least two clay artists, to guide participants in a fun exploration of the possibilities with clay. Other staff will help with the traffic flow and answer any questions about art in general.

Oct 14th
6:00 PM - 12:00 AM


Art 1274 Hollis

1274 Hollis St., Halifax, NS, B3J 1T6

Wheelchair accessible