Land's End

Land’s End is a site-specific installation that coincides with augmented reality conjuring spectral projections of fading memories.

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Land’s End is a site-specific installation that coincides with augmented reality animation that consists of spectral projections of ethereal figures and fading memories. The work explores personal memories and imagined experiences while living in Kjipuktuk/Halifax. A viewer will uncover an otherworldly realm through augmented reality. As they peer through Artivive, a mobile AR app that accesses the animation, the surface of the mounted installation and the space surrounding it are transformed, and humanoid apparitions start to materialize in and out of existence triggering animated memory sequences.

Land’s End contemplates the intricate nuances of memory's narrative transformation. When retelling a memory, the event must first be conjured, traced, and finally summarized into a story. This recollection is never told exactly as it happened because it is filtered through the experiences of the person telling it – that person’s memory. Because of this, memory is essentially a composed fiction based on fact. Although accuracy may suffer, the recollection can become deeper, richer, and more enhanced with each telling as the teller adds his or her own impressions and ideas to the recollection.

The work also attempts to act as a conduit for memory's endurance, an homage to the past that refuses to fade. It examines the relationship between our environment and the echoes it retains. Just as water carries the residue of substances encountered, our surroundings imbibe the emotional footprints of our existence. The concept of environment as memory resonates deeply, suggesting an ongoing dialogue between space and experience, where traces of our presence linger long after we depart.

Oct 14th
6:00 PM - 12:00 AM

This project was made possible through the generous support of:

Propellor Brewing


Propeller Brewery

2015 Gottingen St

Semi-accessible (rough terrain) - No power door but interior space is wheelchair accessible on one level, bathrooms are not on the same level and therefore not accessible