Nomnom Truck

Visit the interactive outdoor Nomnom Truck for an appetizer and order from the menu a three, four or five-piece feast for the eyes (a.k.a collage) featuring some of the best ingredients made from delicious paper artwork. Once you have whet your palette, visit the full-meal-deal Nomnom exhibit inside the gallery featuring some of the best paper recipes sent in by collage chefs from all over Canada.

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Visitors are invited to order from the interactive food truck in the parking lot of the gallery to have their paper collage handmade right in front of them. Choice of ingredients or paper ephemera (images, patterns, colours, textures) will be highlighted on the menu and the option of three, four or five-element collages are available. There are even condiments in the form of mixed-media additions unless they become sold out. Once your 5x7 order is fully prepared, you'll receive it in a wax paper bag to protect your brain nourishment.

Still not full? Head inside for the group exhibition Nomnom with works that highlight or employ food imagery, packaging, themes and/or any other form of materials that are food related. Ten artists from across the country will be highlighted. Over 25 artists are represented by the gallery and will have work there for viewing as well.

Oct 14th
6:00 PM - 12:00 AM


Cuts and Paste Gallery

5663 Cornwallis St., Suite 101, Halifax, NS, B3K 1B6

Wheelchair accessible