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os-is: Lateral Confinement

os:is - Lateral Confinement is an acousmatic listening presentation culled from a series of work based on the sound of vibration and friction from various materials and debris, each against themselves and nature.

Where os:is plays out in real-time with a high element of chance through the deployment of ERM motor-based sculptures, Lateral Confinement looks at the series from an angle more akin to musique concrete. An amorphous sonic barrage of rattles, clangs, hisses, and hums. Ear plugs welcomed.

Seating is limited per event. No late entries.

os:is base project can be found here @brandon.auger

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Oct 14th
6:15 PM - 12:00 AM


Halifax Waterfront (Tall Ships Quay)

1325 Lower Water St

- Fully accessible