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Peace Protector

Participants explore ideas of peace and protection by creating an award for what matters to them in the context of climate emergency, the recent pandemic, and the urgency for a peaceful resolution to conflict, reconciliation, and reparation.

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Together we will be decorating a peace uniform. Participants will be able to design medals and awards that acknowledge the heroes of our time and then take a photo of their work and the uniform. So many folks are offering services to make our lives better by addressing the climate crises and protecting water, air, and earth. This project hopes to draw attention to peacemaking and peacekeeping roles in our everyday lives.

Nocturne participants will transform and design a peace uniform and decorate it with awards. There will be a maker space where each participant can make their own 'medal' or 'award' to add to the 'peace uniform.' Participants are welcome to take a photo of themselves as the jacket will be displayed on a dressmakers form. Information regarding white peace poppies will be available.

A military uniform is adorned with cues to rank and recognition through various insignia and decorations. Uniforms are used to identify the branch of the military and also for display purposes. This is a community project initiated by Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace exploring alternatives to militarization by transforming a uniform into a peace uniform. This peace uniform recognizes the dire need for community and peace beyond the political, state-initiated militarized conflict that involves tools of violence. We have many examples of transformation using peaceful means and action.

Our display will include information about uniforms that mirror non-violent peacekeeping efforts and service efforts. Since we hope to be at the Halifax North Memorial Library, one of the displays will include the Number 2 Construction Battalion’s uniform history and honours the non-violent service that is possible today under conditions that are not steeped in racism and discrimination.

Our alternative uniform is designed to emphasize non-violence, non-killing, and human security from a feminist perspective. Khadi cloth (hand-spun and hand-woven) and white peace poppies will be part of the materials.

The award can honour a protector of their choice and it can also be an award for something that they love and that needs more protection.

We will have materials available for participants to make their own protector medal. Consisting of a ribbon and circle, similar to military medals, participants can add who/what they will protect in the circle with a design then pin it on the peace uniform and take a selfie for peace and protection. Whales, piping plovers, nuthatches, salamanders, water, earth, the unhoused, and each other. Medical workers, educators, organizations, bus drivers, firefighters - many protectors walk among us daily. Let's honour them!

Oct 14th
6:00 PM - 12:00 AM


Halifax North Memorial Library

2285 Gottingen St

Wheelchair accessible